Web Design, SEO & Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Not All SEO Is The Same:

email-campaign-graphicJust like no businesses are alike, no two search engine optimizations should be the same either.  There is a fine line between using keywords and key phrases constructively and “keyword stuffing”.  By going overboard, you will be creating the very situation you are hoping to avoid by investing in search engine optimization to begin with.

It is important that you know ahead of time what Google’s standards are in order to participate in good practices and not fall into the bad practices category.  Today businesses can be punished if they overdo the keyword strategies.  Here at Deerfield Web Designer.com we know there are many strategies, all of which are approved by Google, for optimizing your website for the best search results.  Don’t wind up with someone practicing yesterday’s rules on search engine optimization.  We will bring your website up to date, up to the latest recommendations per Google’s search engine optimization specifications.

Web Design is About The Client Not the Web Designer:

boring-themeIf I see one more page that I can tell is right out of a $50.00 theme package, I think I will scream.  You can tell something is a template when it has a light blue or gray background, medium gray font, and every picture has a white background.  Talk about boring.  These are the worst.  Reading gray font is a strain, even for young eyes, not to mention the aging demographic in this country.

Even web design needs to take into account the future reader or shopper.  Your website should not be a showcase for your web designer’s bells and whistles.  It should grab a viewer’s attention and extend a branding message in less than 4 seconds.  It should be set up to separate whatever sections you need to display.  A viewer should be able to determine how to navigate your website within the next 4 seconds.   This is usually not done with light blue backgrounds and gray fonts.  At least a few splashes of color, a slider or two, a way to let your potential clients or customers know you are serious about what you do.

grab-attention-on-webHere at DeerfieldWebDesigner.com we focus on that first 4 seconds to grab the potential customer, then on the second 4 seconds so no one leaves due to information overload, or confusion about it all works.  Once the viewer decides to stay, then it is up to you, the business owner, to present your business or service in the best light.  This is where the rest of our project focuses.

We are experts at Custom Website Design and Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine
Marketing(PPC), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding, Graphic Design & Print Marketing, and eCommerce Websites.

We have economical packages for our baby startups who are trying to stretch their dollars, but we also create custom designs, search engine optimization and marketing strategies that go hand-in-hand and are designed to launch a business in the best way possible.

Every business person, whether you are a CEO or a start up blogger, needs to know the importance of Branding.  Marketing is no longer about colorful brochures and business cards.  Now Branding is about assuming top level authority in any given area.  It is about getting noticed and seen online and about creating a distinct message in one logo, one graphic statement, one compelling infographic.  We at DeerfieldWebDesigner.com can help you create that branding across the world wide web.


brochure-graphic-designThere are times when you will still need professional brochures, event fliers, sales sheets and/or infographics.  DeerfieldWebDesigner.com can help you with this as well.  Whether you need an online brochure for Craigs List or a slick Sales Flyer for an upcoming seminar, we can design them for you and get the best printing prices.