SEO Marketing – Al A Carte


Marketing Startup Al A Carte:

Start Up Marketing Choices:

Below are prices for each individual marketing setup and approach.  The prices are based upon hourly rate.  Be sure to check the package prices as there is a substantial savings if you order them all together.

Online marketing, at the time of this writing, is based upon website content and back-links. Constantly updating your website with new content is the first rule of self-promotion and getting traffic.

You can take two approaches. (1) If you are a startup and funds are limited, you can blog your way up the search engines.  Posting to multiple social sites is important, hence the packages below.   (2) If you are not tech-savvy or do not have the time to blog, or want the quickest approach to “new customers”, then it is suggested that you set up Google Analytics and Google Adwords campaign. You will need to have a weekly and/or monthly budget set up for this. This is the quickest approach to driving real world customers to your website.  You will a credit card to associate with this account.

The marketing strategies are divided up into three categories so you can choose what you want or need. If you want them all, a comprehensive startup marketing package is $750.00.

Branded Social Media Pages:

A branded social media page is one that is designed to match your website.  Each platform allows for a different percentage of branding.  Below is a list of al a carte prices.  The package price for all of the social pages set up and graphic creation is $399.99.  A $150.00 savings.



$50.00 Set up of Facebook Business Page with branded graphics
$50.00 CraigsList Graphic Branded Flyer
$50.00 Set up of Google Plus Business Page with branded graphics
$50.00 Set up of LinkedIn Page with with branded graphics
$50.00 Set up of
$50.00 Set up of Twitter Account with branded graphic
$50.00 Set up of Stumbler Page with branded graphics/picture
$50.00 Set up of Tumbler Page with branded graphics/picture
$50.00 Set up of Page with branded graphics/picture
$50.00 Set up of Instagram Page
$50.00 Set up of Flipboard Account with branded graphics/picture
$100 Set up of Pinterest Board(s) with branded graphics and pictures
and links to your website
$399.99 Social Pages Package – Includes all of the setups above plus graphics. Savings of $150.00 by ordering them at the same time.

Automatic Blogging Poster:

If your website is built on a wordpress platform, it can be optimized and coded in order to post automatically to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Tumbler and Flipboard.  What this means is that when you create a post, it will automatically be posted to your pages in these other platforms.  It allows you to multiply your social media reach with the click of your “publish button”.

If you already have any of the above-named accounts, I will need your log in credentials for setup.

$100.00 WordPress Website Automatic Poster Setup

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a tool offered by Google that measures traffic that comes to your website. This is very helpful to determine whether you are growing in popularity, and can give you valuable feedback regarding all marketing strategies. An account needs to be set up in the name of your business, and tracking codes needs to be entered on your pages.  This tool is used to see an overview of your traffic, where it is coming from, how it is growing. You can track the results of your Google Adwords Campaigns, blogging and other marketing strategies.

$100.00 Set up of Google Analytics, adding analytics to your website.

Google Adwords Campaign:

Google Adwords is another program offered by Google Search. This is commonly known as pay-per-click. You need to set up an account at Google Adwords, link it with your website and create an Adwords Campaign. Within each campaign, you can have multiple ads. It is recommended to first do a keyword search to be sure that only the best keywords are used so as not to waste your money. Once a campaign is set up, your ads will run and be seen by either everyone in the world, in the USA, or locally, with a 15 to 20 mile radius of your business.

$150.00 Set up of Google Analytics, adding analytics to your website.


Online Marketing Choices for Local Businesses:

$50.00 Registration on, link to website, creation of coupon
$50.00 Registration on, link to website, creation of coupon
$100.00 Registration on City Search which feeds many of the local searches in South Florida, with graphics/website linking
$50.00 Registration on, for salon and spas.
$50.00 3 Graphic Panels for Craigs List Posting or other Graphic Flyer