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How to Use URLs to Drive Traffic to your Website

This article assumes that you already have your hosting account set up and that you have activated your free url that comes with it. Each hosting company will allow you to add at last a few or even several additional

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SEO – How Important Is It? How Much Does It Cost?

How Important is SEO? In two words:  Very Important.  Gone are the day where you can just hire a web developer to put together a beautifully laid out, magazine style, graphic laden website with a few bells and whistles and

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Free Online Marketing Webinar – General Principals and Tips

If you are someone who sells for a living or provides local services, I found this webinar that is free and pretty informative.  It has lots of tips on general online marketing principles and it also references old world marketing

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Article Writing – How to Write an Article to Post Online – Part 1

Article Writing for the Internet – How to get started: Pick a Topic or Subject Every article starts with a topic or a subject of interest.  To begin every article, write down your Topic or Subject and a “working title”. 

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Article Writing – How to Write an Article to Post Online – Part 2

Let’s Review Part 1:  We discussed in Part 1 of this article writing series how to begin writing an article.  We discussed creating the structure of the article.  Each article will contain the following: Topic – Working Title Sub Headings

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