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DIY Websites – Media Queries for the Most Common Viewports

all viewports for responsive design

MEDIA QUERIES EXPLAINED: With all of the desktop sizes, tablet sizes, and smart phone sizes, it can be very complicated trying to figure out responsive coding changes for the different viewport. YOU NEED A VIEWPORT EMULATOR TO TEST YOUR RESPONSIVE

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How To Create a Landing Page with HTML & CSS


This is the third video in a series for DIY Websites.  The first video shows you how to teach yourself HTML at and the second video shows you how to teach yourself CSS at  Both contain tips and

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How to Teach Yourself CSS with W3Schools


THE IMPORTANCE OF CURRICULARIZED LEARNING: Once again, just like my advice on how to teach yourself html, I recommend that you choose one source that will allow you to learn in a curricularized fashion.  Too often, beginners begin to watch

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DIY – How to Teach Yourself HTML

One area of the job market that you can prepare for without a formal degree is web design and web development.  It is easy enough to education yourself if you know a few things to help you before you start.

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How to Use URLs to Drive Traffic to your Website

This article assumes that you already have your hosting account set up and that you have activated your free url that comes with it. Each hosting company will allow you to add at last a few or even several additional

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