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I Need eCommerce – But What Type? What is a Merchant Account?

ECOMMERCE WEBSITE: So now you know you will be starting your own eCommerce website.  Per our last blog entry, you have already assessed what you will be selling, approximately how many products you will be selling, and you have already

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Building an eCommerce – Selling Online – Where to Begin

HOW TO BUILD AN ECOMMERCE WEBSITE – SELLING ONLINE – WHERE TO BEGIN HOW TO BUILD AN ECOMMERCE WEBSITE: Whether you are just beginning to think about selling products online, or whether you have finished all of your pre-building-website research,

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DIY Websites – Creating a Responsive Website using PHP (Hair Salon Website)

In this blog post, I will be outlining our latest project:  the building of a php website for a hair salon.  I chose a hair salon because as a web designer I do get calls from hair stylists who want

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I will be using a script from and this is a quick blog post and short video showing you how to do it if you are a beginner.  Right below is a screen shot from the website and I

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DIY Websites – Media Queries for the Most Common Viewports

all viewports for responsive design

MEDIA QUERIES EXPLAINED: With all of the desktop sizes, tablet sizes, and smart phone sizes, it can be very complicated trying to figure out responsive coding changes for the different viewport. YOU NEED A VIEWPORT EMULATOR TO TEST YOUR RESPONSIVE

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