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Building Your Website – How Long Should It Take?

Building a website can take as little as a week or as long as 6 months.  How can that be?  It depends upon the client.  Some clients contact me when they are ready to do, they have everything they need,

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Building an eCommerce – Selling Online – Where to Begin

HOW TO BUILD AN ECOMMERCE WEBSITE – SELLING ONLINE – WHERE TO BEGIN HOW TO BUILD AN ECOMMERCE WEBSITE: Whether you are just beginning to think about selling products online, or whether you have finished all of your pre-building-website research,

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How Do I send You Pictures from my Smart Phone?

Upload Photos to Google Drive: The following video is by Jennifer Carey and she describes the process of uploading photos from your smartphone to Google Drive.  It is a simple procedure and she describes it very well, especially if you

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Website Tools – How to Create and Manage Website Colors with the ColorPic Tool

ColorPic Tool by is a great color scheme creator tool, as well as a website management tool. You simply download the tool, name a new pallet and point and click to pick up colors from just about anywhere. The

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Building a Website – Should I use a free website?

What Is The Very First Thing I Need to Do in Building a Website The very first question you need to answer is whether you are going to want to update your website yourself, or whether you want a static

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