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How to Create Web Graphics on the fly

How to Create Web Graphics on the Fly: Blogging and updating your website with new content is one of the most important elements in search engine optimization these days.  Blogging without graphics is the equivalent of a “sleeping pill”.  You

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How to Create a Website Using WordPress- Part 3

In the above video, I go over the following three items: What is a plug-in? What is a wordpress page? What is a wordpress post? What are WordPress Plug-ins: As discussed in the video, a plug-in is a computer program

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Website Traffic Tools – Posting your Favorites from YouTube

YouTube Auto Poster: If you are writing article content in your quest to get website traffic, you might be interested in Your Favorite Videos Plug In. This plug in, which you can read about here, is an automatic poster where

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C Panel at BlueHost.Com Explained for Beginners

What is a C Panel? The C Panel is an administration area on your hosting account where you have one click access to all of the features and software that come with your web package. The panel is divided up

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Why Should I Add an Amazon Store to my Blog?

Here are just a few reasons to add an Amazon Store to your Blog: You will be doing the reader a service by categorizing products. When you go to and type in “gardening” in books, for example, what comes

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