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DIY SEO – Tips on Adding Search Engine Optimization to a Website

SEO Tips For More and Better Traffic: Every blogger out there should make search engine optimization a priority and part of his or her growth strategy. Basically, SEO means finding ways to increase your website’s or your blog’s appearance in

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DIY – Search Engine Optimization – How to Add SEO to your Website

How to Add SEO to Your Website: Now that you have built your website, or had a website built for you, how do you get traffic to your website?  This is where search engine optimization comes into play.  Long ago

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DIY – Websites with Built-in Marketing Strategies – PART 1


When building any website, it is important to think about marketing strategies right from the beginning.  Below are several web business scenarios that will help you determine what type of website you will need and some of the strategies you

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How to Build a WordPress Website
with Woocommerce – Part 1

WORDPRESS & WOOCOMMERCE: So now you have opted to build your own website (or have one build for you) on WordPress using the Woocommerce plugin.  Good choice.  This choice will give you the most control over building your own website

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I will be using a script from and this is a quick blog post and short video showing you how to do it if you are a beginner.  Right below is a screen shot from the website and I

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