eCommerce – What You Need to Sell Online

What You Need To Sell Online:

open-shop-graphicSelling online is not as easy as it may seem to be. This is because you will be relying solely on text, video and audio.  Unlike a brick & mortar store, there’s no such thing as a great location.  Text, video & audio are important channels to incorporate into your online marketing campaigns if you want to succeed in selling anything online because they will all drive the traffic to your eCommerce website. Having a great web design is not enough for you to sell online.  There are a number of strategies you must employ for you to successfully run an online business. The use of social media and the use of SEO service are just some of the strategies and are now, in 2017 and 2018, crucial.

Have a functional and responsive website:

Create a great website design for your online store that will enable you to show your visitors what you have in store for them.  We at offer packages that include many upscale design features that are packaged into basic eCommerce websites.  You can also seek the services of a professional web designer in your area is you prefer to design and create a professional business website for you.

Your eCommerce Website Must Be Responsive:

responsive-web-design-companyA responsive website is one that shrinks and expands depending upon what viewport (mobile phone, tablet or desktop) the online viewer is using.  Everything on the page needs to be designed with “collapsing” in mind.  This is something that most (but not all) web designers will be aware of and know how to do.

Google now “rejects” websites that are no optimized for mobile viewing; the reason being that over 50% of searches are now done on smart phone.  Since Google’s focus is delivering the best content to its users, they don’t want users pulling up old websites that users have to scroll up and down and then side-to-side.  Responsive websites scroll up and down, but not side-to-side.

For a clear perspective of what a responsive website is, you can watch this short video I made explaining it visually:

Remember – Content Is King – Even in eCommerce:

When it to comes to tips on how to sell online, it is important to remember that what you present or offer to your audience is what they see and perceive. This means that if you want your products to sell, you need to provide illustrations, pictures, very descriptive written content on how that particular product is going to solve their problems.  If you are selling functional items, it is even best to show a video on how to use, how it works, etc.  Be sure that you explain how effective your products are and how functional they can be in addressing the issues of your customers.

Do not be afraid to use videos, pictures and audio files:

If you are offering professional services, it is a good idea to explain in detail what your services are and how these services will help your customers. If you are selling products, you can use images of those products to illustrate to your potential customers what you have in mind for them.  It is important to point out that most people looking for products online are attracted to the images and videos they see online.   If you are providing services, it gives the potential customers a preview of who you are, they get to see you explaining things, and they will feel more comfortable setting up an appointment or clicking the Buy Now button.

Getting Customer & Client Reviews is Crucial:

You should always encourage your customers to leave reviews about the different products you offer. The reviews will not only give your viewers some additional vital content about that particular product but they will help in encouraging potential customers to go ahead and make purchases.  Reviews are now something that Google and Facebook take into account in their search criteria, so make requesting client and customer feedback and ratings part of your overall marketing strategy.

Use simple shopping cart system:

Your online store should have a simple shopping cart and payment system. If the system involves a lot of pages and complicated modes of payment that are not effective, your customers will abandon what you have and look for an online store that has a website that is easy to use and has a seamless payment system. Include various payment methods including PayPal, and credit card payment systems.

If you have only a few items and are on a limited budget when building your online eCommerce, you can use Paypal buttons.  Here is how to add PayPal buttons:

In Summary:

Running a successful online business requires patience, consistency, research, customer interaction and offering customers what they need. Having a professionally designed eCommerce website, optimized product & services content, and an easy-to-use checkout system are just some of the things you need to succeed in e-commerce.

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