How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Tips on How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page:

facebook-business-page-example-from-dwdFacebook is the most popular social network today with over 1.09 billion users logging in on a daily basis. This is simple indication of what this huge platform has to offer in terms of business opportunities.  Ecommerce websites and blog owners have realized the potential presented by this social media platform and are using their business pages to engage, interact with their customers and visitors to drive them to their websites and convert them into leads. Here are tips for the successful optimization of your Facebook business page:

Create a business page not a personal profile:

You need to create a business page that represents your brand not a personal profile.  This is a common mistake done by a number of business people, especially those just starting out.  Facebook pages normally look like personal profiles, but they have unique tools now for brands, organizations and businesses that can make you stand out.

Get a vanity URL for your page:

Once you have successfully developed your business page, Facebook will randomly assign a unique number and URL for your facebook business page; for example:  You should then customize this URL to make it easier for you to share in online marketing, facebook ads, and even email marketing campaigns.  Your visitors and audience will be more likely to find your page if your URL is customized to fit your business name and/or overall theme.  Your visitors will also find it easier to share the information they find on your page by simply copying and pasting the URL, not to mention how much easier it is to remember a url if it is associated with your business name.

Include a great cover photo:

Facebook allows you to include an 851 X 315-pixel picture as the cover photo of your business page. Ensure that you upload a great picture that represents your brand.  The cover photo should capture the attention of your visitors and encourage them to check out what the page is all about and to learn more.  You can link pages from your WordPress Library and to learn more about a WordPress library, how to upload pictures from your computer, click on the video below.

Include a recognizable profile picture

On top of including a beautiful cover photo, you should also upload a recognizable profile picture. It is good to use a picture that your visitors can easily recognize or associate with.  If you are in the beginning research stages of building an online business from scratch, keep in mind that you will need a banner, a profile picture and a logo type picture.  It is good planning to incorporate these in your initial branding designs.

If you are the business and you will be self-promoting your service, you can use a professional headshot of yourself.  If your business is branded with a color scheme and logo, you will want to use your logo as the profile picture.  This picture will appear as a thumbnail image next to all your updates on Facebook, therefore choose this picture wisely.

Optimize your ‘About’ section:

The about section is where you let your audience know what your Facebook Business page is all about. Therefore, be as short and concise as possible.  Give a brief description of what your page is about and do not exaggerate anything in this section.  Be sure to list your services, product line, short mission statement, anything that your clients and/or customers will want to know about you as well as anything unusual about you that sets you off from the competition.

Earn the Very responsive to messages badge:

This badge is only earned if you respond fast to the messages sent to you by other users.  This badge is important because it will encourage your visitors to contact you and even get to know more about your brand.  It is one of the first things you can do as a new business getting started on Facebook.

If you do not have a Facebook business page for your online business, you are missing a lot of opportunities to effectively market your brand.

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