Deerfield Web Designer is the Best Web Design Company in 2018

Deerfield Web is the go-to company for web design in 2018.  Why?  Let’s take a look at the qualities necessary to make the claim of being the best WordPress Web Design Company.  What are these qualities?

  1. best-web-design-of-2018How well does the website design company and web design programmers know WordPress?
  2. How visually appealing are the websites this company has built?
  3. Is there a portfolio you can look at?
  4. Are the websites built with the latest and best design guidelines?
  5. Are the websites built using the best and latest seo strategies per Google’s requirements?

WordPress is our Specialty:

Wordpress specializes in building WordPress websites and eCommerce websites.  It also specializes in start-up business builds.  Every website, although it begins with a WordPress template, is customized to each client’s needs and desires.  We can bring a concept to completion with simple drawings or a combination of a client’s favorite “similar websites”. does not sell cookie-cutter websites that are thrown together using templates and plugging in different text and different pictures.  It starts with a google keyword search, a future marketing strategy, and starts customizing the website build from there.

How Well Does Know WordPress?

We have been using WordPress from the beginning.  We are way beyond the 10,000-hour point of reaching expert status.  It is our stock and trade.  Sure, we can build hand-coded websites, but by building on WordPress, the client “cashes in” on WordPress developers keeping up with the latest in coding changes, WordPress developer changes, plugin software changes, and security changes.  Just by using the WordPress platform, you are getting a whole developer team in the background for free.

The question a client should really ask a website design company is:  Why wouldn’t you build on WordPress?

How Visually Appealing and Customized Do the Websites Look?

When viewing a companies portfolio, check to see if all of the websites look the same.  This is a big clue that they are producing template-based, non-customized websites.  Each website should look completely different, as each client and business has a different feel, a different goal and different needs.  The portfolio will reveal whether the company is capable of this type of customization.

Are They Using the Best Website Design Guidelines & Google Search Criteria?

google-search-graphicNot only does DeerfieldWebDesigner follow best-design guidelines and latest changes in WordPress, with the latest in design changes, but it also keeps up with the ever-changing Google Search Criteria.  SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is crucially important in building a website.  It is not going to help you if you have a beautiful website, but no one will ever see it.  SEO is needed in order to allow the Google search engines to understand what your website is about, what services you are offering, what products you have for sale.

For this and many more reasons, is the Best WordPress Web Design Company in 2018!  With our long list of satisfied customers and 5-star ratings on Google & Facebook reviews, we will do everything in our power to make you the best website.  We strongly believe that no one else will make you as happy or be as willing to go the extra mile than us.

Check out our Portfolio, our Web Design Packages and eCommerce Web Design Packages.

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