DIY eCommerce – Tips on How to Build an eCommerce Business

Tips on How to Build E-commerce

If you are ready to start your own business and take charge of your own destiny, but you do not have the financial ability to buy your own franchise or open up a store, you can consider starting an online e-commerce business. Starting an online business or e-commerce shop can be easy if only you have the right products that people need and a solid marketing plan. The following are important tips on how to start and build e-commerce:

Have a Clear Understanding of How to Build an Effective Online Business:

Ecommerce-services-list-leftThere are plenty of online businesses that you can look at to get ideas and inspiration.  To build your own unique business, you will need to do something or provide something that no one else does, or package up services or products in order to be a cost savings to your clients and a work/job stretcher for you. No matter what you are offering, you can bet that there are hundreds or even thousands of online stores offering similar products or services. Therefore, it is essential to first have a clear understanding of what you want to offer and how to build that effective business. You can do this by first looking for customer needs to satisfy, and then  work tirelessly on packaging ways and means of satisfying that need.  This is the first step in starting any business, including an online ecommerce business.

The eCommerce Part of the Business:

paypal logoPart of this budget is the building of the website and online shopping area.  If you have a few items, you may get away with the very inexpensive paypal buttons.  The PayPal account costs nothing and each transaction only costs 2.7 to 2.9% depending up a few variables.  But it is very affordable.

If you want to grow your store from one to 20 or even hundreds of products, you will need to get a fully-equipped shopping cart functionality.  The most affordable package for this is to build on WordPress and use a shopping cart plugin like WooCommerce.

Know and Identify Your Financial Target/Goal:

For every business to succeed, having adequate financing for the business operations is very important. You need to understand how much money you need to invest in the business and how you might get out of the business. This is called budgeting; you need to have a budget that will guide you in everything you do as far as the success of the business is concerned. Although it might seem to be cheaper than starting a business locally, there are certain costs you must incur when building e-commerce.

But the good news in starting an e-commerce is that you may be able to do much of the business building, including the ecommerce, by yourself.

Identify What you are Willing to Give in Return:

E-commerce, like any other business, involves giving something in anticipation of receiving returns. For this reason, it is important to identify a product that you are willing to offer to customers. The product in itself must be quality and competitive enough to fight other products already on offer in the internet market. You might write a good description of your product but the quality of the product is poor. This, will in the end, make you lose customers as they will realize that your product is not good for them.

Online Marketing – Constantly promote your E-Commerce:

online-marketing-graphicFor you to achieve success in an online business you need to always promote your products and business. You can do this by adding a link or URL to your email signature, make your presence felt in the ever-expanding social media platforms, create an interesting blog about your industry and products can benefit from, and also have a professional website design and content-driven web pages.  Basically, be social. Try and interact with your audience and be helpful and nice to your visitors.

Building an e-commerce is not as hard or as complicated as it seem but the hardest part is registering success. For more information on an overview of what is needed in eCommerce, check out this video I have made showing you a birds-eye view of what is needed to begin your new eCommerce adventure:*

The above video gives you information about what is needed.  Be sure to check out my other videos on my YouTube Channel as I am working on a new series for people who want to build their own ecommerce on WordPress.

If you find it a little overwhelming and want to check out some eCommerce Web Design Packages, have a look at



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