Building Your Website – How Long Should It Take?


Building a website can take as little as a week or as long as 6 months.  How can that be?  It depends upon the client.  Some clients contact me when they are ready to do, they have everything they need, all of the text and verbiage written out with a list of about 5 websites that they like and after one in-person meeting or a phone and screen-share conference, I am ready to build the entire website.  An informational website can be built within a couple to three days.

A larger website might take up to a week or 10 days.  The delivery of content determines the time frame of any website project.

eCommerce takes an extra day or two to seamlessly align all of the pieces of the shopping cart and the merchant services and test it to make sure it is a flawless operation.  There can be an additional amount of time if the products need to be entered one at a time.

How long does it take to build a website?

Each website consists of certain key elements.  Some elements are from the client side and some are from the web design side.  The elements that are from the client side are as follows:

  • Written content
  • Biographical information
  • Business pictures
  • list of email names (,, etc.)
  • Portfolio pictures in digital format (.jpg or .png format)
  • Product information (if applicable)
  • List of services available/offered
  • Pricing, if applicable
  • Up to 3 examples of “similar websites” or “competition websites”

If all of the above information is handed over at the time of the signing of the contract, the website can be usually be built within a few days to 2 week period of time.  If there are more than 6 pages or eCommerce, it might require another week.

However, if a client sends the content, pictures and various lists piecemeal over a 2 week period of time, it will delay the production of the website.

If you are pressed for time, be sure to see the blog post :  What We Need From You

Six months?  Really?

business start up graphicOften times, a business just starting up is extremely budget conscious.  They start with a landing page and a contact form and maybe a box of business cards.  That takes anywhere from a few days to a week.  The website can go live at that point.  There are a couple of landing page packages for this specific scenario.

Once the business begins to build and they need additional pages, those pages can be added on during the next phase of business expansion.

So it can take up to 6 months for a business to take full flight from its inception and its first landing page to a full-fledged, fully-functioning professional business website.   Specific arrangements can be made for installment payments from the birth of the website to the final 6 month completion.

This is an example of a website taking up to 6 months to complete.  In other words, only if it works for the company.


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