Free Phone from Google Voice

Many startup businesses on a budget should look into the possibility of getting a second phone (well, sort of) by getting a Google Voice phone number. In short, you can get a “business number” and then put a voice mail message indicating that you are “busy with clients” or a general “unable to pick up right now” message. Google voice records the messages and then translates them into text.

This is a great way to manage your side business when and if you are working for someone else. You can delay answering your own business calls until your lunch hour or break time.

By having your own number, you won’t run into a problem of getting business calls when you are working.

You can also forward your google voice calls to your cell if you have a little more freedom.

Below is a video where “FiveFreeTools” from YouTube demonstrates how to sign up for Google Voice. It’s always helpful to see these types of things before you venture into them. It looks like you may need about 15 to 20 minutes to sign up so make sure you pick a time when you will not be rushed.

Before you get started, you might also make a list of words that might work in your phone number because you will get an option to choose “words”. For example: 1800-callnow. or 954-call911. You get the picture.

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