How Do I send You Pictures from my Smart Phone?

Upload Photos to Google Drive:

The following video is by Jennifer Carey and she describes the process of uploading photos from your smartphone to Google Drive.  It is a simple procedure and she describes it very well, especially if you are a beginner.

Great Backup for your Phone Photos:

These days, hardly anyone even owns a 35mm digital camera anymore.  We all rely on our smartphones because many of them take beautiful, high resolution photographs.  Some people call their phones smart cameras that make staticy phone calls — I know I do.

Just think of how many of your memories would be lost if you lost your phone.  Uploading your pictures very quickly to Google Drive will allow you to make sure you protect your memories in the event you lose your phone, and it will allow you to erase many photos from your phone and have more memory.

Either way, uploading photos to Google Drive is a great solution.

I hope this helps.


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