Easiest Way to Photograph Ebay Items

Photographing Medium to Small Objects:

I came across this video of Dallas Moore demonstrating how to take pictures using only shelf liner, a chair, outside light, and a smart phone. For anyone who is just starting out on Ebay, this is about the cheapest and easiest way to photograph small to medium-sized items. I will post the video below.

One thing that was left unsaid during the video is that you will sometimes need to crop your photographs. If your smart phone allows you to do this, there will be no problem. Otherwise, you might need to do a google search for “free picture editing programs”. I am not familiar with the free programs because I use the Adobe Cloud Program which allows you to use all of the Adobe products for $49.99 a month.

Another tip that was unsaid in the video is to try to take your photographs before the height of the sun. At 10AM to 11AM or from 3PM to 7PM (depending upon the time of year and daylight savings time). You want the lighting source (the sun) to be hitting your objects from an angle. By using outdoor light, you will also be using “diffused lighting” which is the best lighting.

I hope this helps anyone just starting out as an Ebay seller or if you have only a few items to sell on Ebay and need to know how to photograph your items.

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