Free Mind Software for Planning and Brainstorming

Creating Mind Maps with Free Mind Software Tool:

This is a great video that showcases Free Mind software that is free to download (I believe it’s still free) and it’s for planning and plotting out things with many steps. It’s great for brainstorming and can be used to plan out your website, how you think you want it to lay out.
This tool can be used in the early stages of laying out a website or even laying out a business strategy, or a business model.

It’s a combination of a drawing and typing tool and can be very useful, especially if you are managing several projects and always find yourself going back to square one in order to figure out “what comes next”.

It uses nodes, rectangles and has lots of other tools build into it.

Freemind Free Mind Mapping Software Tutorial Youtube Vide by Tronpoid. His website is and the software tool is
available at

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