Adding Widgets – Text Widgets – How to Create a Website Using WordPress – Part 4

Where are the Widgets at WordPress?

There are several default widgets installed with every wordpress theme.  You may or may not want to use the ones installed with your theme.  You can find them by going to the administration panel of your wordpress website or blog.  Click on the Appearance tab on the left hand side of your dashboard and you will get to choose “widgets”.  Click on widgets and another page will open up.

On this page you will see the available widgets on one side of the page (usually the left hand side) and the chosen widgets on the right hand side of the page.  The ones on the right hand side can be removed by just holding your mouse on them and dragging them off of the panel holding them.  It couldn’t be easier.

Most websites use at least the search widget and the categories widget at a minimum.

Default Widgets:

The widgets that you see when you first open up the page to see your widgets are default widgets.  They come with your theme.

You can search the internet to get other free widgets or paid widgets to add to your wordpress website.  Just search at google, or better yet, search on YouTube for “the best wordpress widgets” and you will come up with several videos that tell you and show you what types of widgets are available.  Each one is designed to do something different.

Text Widgets:

Text widgets are little boxes that allow you to type in messages or post photographs or ads; anything that you want.  In this video I show you how to put basically an announcement about a hunting trip.  Hunting trip?  Don’t ask me where I got that from.  I never hunted in my life and don’t even know any hunters!

You can use it to do just about anything.  When you see websites all over the internet with ads all up and down the sides of their websites, this is one of the ways they ad those ad, by putting them in text boxes.

Ideas for Text Widgets:

  • Post Your Own Ads
  • Link to Favorite Pages
  • Have a Contact Form
  • Free Estimate Form
  • Put a Funny Picture
  • Google Adsense Ads
  • Amazon Products

In the next installment, Part 5, we will learn how to use the Text Widget to ad a Google Adsense Ad and also add a product from that you will get a commission on.

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