How to Create Web Graphics on the fly

How to Create Web Graphics on the Fly:

Blogging and updating your website with new content is one of the most important elements in search engine optimization these days.  Blogging without graphics is the equivalent of a “sleeping pill”.  You need graphics and pictures to keep your blogs interesting and to add visual aids to people who are looking to learn something from your updates.

There are several royalty free websites around that you can purchase very reasonably priced pictures, graphics and illustrations from, but occasionally, you might just need a “quick graphic” just to insert as visual punctuation.  This video is about that such instance — when you need a graphic on the fly.

It goes into how to make a graphic using Microsoft Powerpoint, also using  a free screen capture tool called Jing.  I also demonstrate how to do the same thing in Photoshop, in case you are lucky enough to have that program.

Jing iconJing is a downloadable tool that is available at their website and you can use this in order to capture icons and pictures from websites you want to use in your blogging.

You must be very careful about what icons you use as there are many companies that would not like this.  However, if you are plugging something, like I am recommending this Jing tool, I feel confident that the people at TechSmith would be okay with my use of their icon because I am not making money from the use of it and am merely plugging their products.  I think you get the picture.

window dressingMost of the use from this video will be when you just want to make a graphic from some fancy text just to pepper graphics throughout your article that are just meant as window dressing.   It comes in handy when you just need some filler graphics and what they are do not affect the article but are merely resting points for the readers eyes, just enough to bring the article to life visually.

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