How to Create a Website Using WordPress- Part 3

In the above video, I go over the following three items:

  1. What is a plug-in?
  2. What is a wordpress page?
  3. What is a wordpress post?

What are WordPress Plug-ins:

As discussed in the video, a plug-in is a computer program that was developed by either the web developers who work for wordpress or outside coders, for use by people who build websites at wordpress.  By building your website on wordpress, you get to tap into these computer programs that run separately but as a part of wordpress. There are hundreds of free plug-ins that you can search for on the WordPress platform.  There are hundreds and maybe thousands of private plugins that cost a few dollars to purchase and use.  All you need to do is google “popular plugins” or “top ten plugins” and you will get lots of suggestions and choices.

What are WordPress Pages:

Next we discuss the difference between Pages and Posts.  A Page is a stand alone page on the website that you want to always be available to your readers.  Most of the wordpress themes automatically add the pages to your navigation bar at the top, side or bottom of your page.  Some common pages are the “about us” page or the “contact us” page, or the “services” page; for information that is constant and you want to be on your navigation bar is a page.

What are WordPress Posts:

Posts are similar to pages in that you are typing in the box with a title at the top, but posts are more like diary entries.  Picture a big notebook and each post is a fresh piece of paper.  Most of the blogs are set up to show the last 5 or 10 blog entries, but older ones are accessed by clicking on the archives pages or categories pages (which we will cover in upcoming lessons.


Most people who blog setup their pages first and then begin to blog but creating posts daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly.  Each time you create a new post, the search engines will update your site. Blogging is very helpful in search engine optimization.  If you blog frequently, the search engines look at your site as “active”, “lively”, and authoritative.  This is what every seo manager is looking for.  You want to be the person or company who is considered to be the most authoritative.

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