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What’s up with Ebay’s Coding?

Have you ever had the pleasure of checking your ebay listings only to find that the coding is all off, there are strange letters with accents, or the verbiage is old and you are 100% sure you changed that already? Yeah? Me too. Selling on Ebay for a long time, I have had it happen several times already.

It took me awhile to figure out what was going on, and there was a lot of frustration involved, hence, this post. I hope I can save someone else from pulling out all of their hair, like I did.

Whenever I would find a “mistake” in my listing, or old coding that I thought I fixed, I would get hard on myself thinking that I wasn’t thorough enough. This happened several times. It also lead to a paranoia about whether the items were going to “stay fixed”.

I thought I fixed that?

The truth began to unravel when I took several weeks to overhaul all of my listings after I figured out about Ebay’s “no spaces in coding” policy. I know that I fixed every single listing and checked them all as well. I gave myself an A+ this time for thoroughness. I thought my problems with ebay coding were over. But they weren’t.

While relisting some of the freshly coded listings with the “relist” option, to my horror, I saw old font tags that I know I have removed (on more than one occasion, by the way). It was at that moment that it all became clear. Ebay is doing these secret backup restorations. It might be having it’s own problems or the links are going back to very old listings, maybe even templates, but the problem was not on my end but on Ebay’s end.

The Secret Backup Restoration

When Ebay does this secret backup or sets links to very old listings, there is no notice. You will just get an email from a customer that something is weird or they can’t make out the price, etc. Or when you are relisting your items, you might open one or two up and see the coding messed up again. It is very frustrating.

The Solution

Unfortunatley, the solution is diligence. It can be a little time-consuming, but once you get organized, it can be pretty efficient.   I have since meticulously organized my ebay listings and templates in Dreamweaver and now when I relist, I first open the ebay listing, check to see if it has added spaces and then the weird capital A’s, and then I check each listing before it gets finialized.

I used to just click the relist checkbox and relist 4 to 8 items at a time, but this is where too many of these weird coding issues would show up. So if and until Ebay fixes these problems, and becomes a little more friendly to outside coders, relisting will be a little more time consuming.

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