How to Draw or Create a Website Wireframe

Here a few examples of how to create a website wireframe. This procedure is very helpful in visualizing what your website will look like when it’s done, before it’s done.



Above is a hand-drawn website wireframe. You can see how, even with just a hand-drawn sketch with no drawing skill, you can visualize how your site will set up. This is an easy choice for someone who has no graphic design experience.

example of a website wireframe

Elaborate Web Wireframe

Above is an example of a pretty complex website wireframe. If you are the type that likes to exercise lots of control, this is the one for you. But this type of detail is not necessary. When you checklist is done, the web designer will know pretty much what you like and don’t like and will be able to create a design to your liking.

website wireframe crated in illustrator

Wireframe Created in Illustrator

Above is an example of a Website wireframe that was created in Adobe Illustrator. But you could just as easily build one just like it with a pencil and a ruler.

I think these examples give you a good idea of what a website wireframe is and how easy they are to draw or put together.

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