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Business Start Up – What about the Business Phone?

Getting a basic phone usually starts at about $50 a month just to turn one on.  It’s cheap in the whole scheme of things, but it is also $50 plus a month you might be committing to when you are only expecting to get a few calls a day or week in your earliest stages.

Are there other Alternatives?

Yes, there are many.  Here are two of the cheapest ones from my own research:

Google Voice:

Google Voice is free.  Free phone service.  However, the phone numbers can be a little problematic.  For example:  I live in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida and tried to get any number with a 954 area code and there are none available.  Because I have a localized business, having a local number is crucial.  So although I liked the price of Google Voice, not being able to get a 954 area code prompted me to choose the next option with ATT.

However, Google Voice is a great choice if you have an online business and where you are located doesn’t matter in the least.  If that is the case, going with Google Voice is the best option if you are stretching those initial investment dollars. You can sign up for a Google Voice account here, or you can find them through your own Google Dashboard by selecting your Account Link and then clicking on “Products” link. Either way, you can get a free business phone today.

go phone with right package

Att GoPhone with $2.00 a Day Package

Att GoPhone with $2.00 a day (on days you use it) Package:

The other choice, which I would recommend for local businesses, is to go with ATT and get a go-phone.  You can get a phone for as low as $15.00, your own phone number, and they have a plan that you can pay $2.00 a day for unlimited everything (talk, text, data) and you only pay on the days you use the phone.

So for example:  If your business gets calls everyday, your bill can be $62.00 a month.  Or if you get calls 2 times  a week, it can be as low as $16.00 a month.  Being a GoPhone, you pre-pay for the time anyway, so you will not be incurring the monthly charges.  When you purchase a refill card for your phone, you can use the minutes until you run out.

The ATT choice is recommended for businesses who need a local phone number with a local area code.  This choice also allows you the freedom of no contract.  The refill cards appear to be as cheap as $25.00.   So if after 3 months or six months, your business reaches a point where you need a real business phone or even reception services, you can drop your go-phone service and you can search the industry and see who offers the next best package that you might need.

You can check out ATT Go Phone Choices starting here.


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