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amazon store logoHere are a few questions you might ask yourself about having your own Amazon Store attached to your Website:

QUESTION:  Why would someone come to my Amazon Store instead of going to

ANSWER:  When people go to, they have one search box at the top of the website and they are searching through a list of just about every product on earth.

When people have their own Amazon store as part of their website or blog, the Amazon store is a smaller store, more related to whatever the website or blog is about.

Here’s One Funny Example – well, sort of:

For example:  If you are a big comedy fan and routinely comb youtube for the latest funny videos, you can start a blog website called MyFavoriteComics.Com.  On the blog, you would blog about your favorite comics and introduce your readers to all of the up- and- coming comics you have found on youtube.  Because you are a big fan of comics anyway,  you are blogging about something you do anyway, something you really enjoy.  It is almost effortless.

As you post comedy videos on your blog, the search engines will begin to register your website as a go-to place for comedy videos all in one place.  Traffic will begin to grow and people who also enjoy comedy videos will begin to check out your website and take advantage of your research so they don’t have to comb through all of the youtube videos themselves.

Likewise, if you have an Amazon Store attached, you will have comedy specific products:  Comedy DVDs, the best comedy books, how to do stand-up comedy books, anything related to comedy or specific comics.  By browsing through your store, a person can get the benefit of all of your research and see all of the latest and best in the area of comedy only on your website.  Whereas, if they were going to, and searching for “funny comics” good luck in trying to find the best that comedy has to offer.  You will get comic books returned and maybe old comedy DVDs from comics you are too young to even know.  There is no filter at  

One advantage you have over is that you have filtered through everything for your visitors.  You can have the “best of” comedy on 5 to 10 pages of items and comedy fans will prefer to shop and purchase from your store.  

So by establishing yourself as a comedy expert, people who area also fans of comics will become fans of your site and be more apt to buy from your store.  They will know and trust your guidance on what is good and what is worth buying.

Do you love to blog  and post pictures of your gardening adventures?

Another example is gardening.  Amazon probably offers 10,000 books on gardening.  But if you have an expertise in Florida gardening, and blog about

florida gardening

Florida Gardening

it, you can set up an Amazon store focusing on gardening in Florida only.  You can write about the problems and successes in gardening in the heat of Florida.  Your store would only have gardening books that would be of interest to a Florida gardener. is great if you know exactly what you are looking for, but the best stores to shop at are Amazon stores that are part of a niche market where someone already has done the sorting for you.  You are then usually only choosing from the best books and products for that particular niche.

So as you think about setting up your new website, think about what areas you are in a position to blog about and what products you think would be a good fit for your store.



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