How do Google Adsense Websites Work?

Google allows website owners to show ads on their websites.  You get paid for impressions (showing the ads) and if anyone clicks on the ads.  It is usually a very tiny amount of money, but it can add up if you have several websites and actively blog about your favorite subjects.

adsense ad examples

The basics of how it works is as follows: On your website there are little areas, whether it is a sidebar, or a footer area, or even tiny areas between paragraphs that contain javascript code that pulls in ads from Google. These ads are paid for by the companies who want to advertise on website that are similar to their products. For example, if you have a stock trading site, your ads would be from banks, mutual fund companies, etrade, financial advisor firms, etc. Those companies will pay google for advertising and in turn, google pays you for the traffic you are generating by the content on your website.

The javascript code contained on your website is generated by Google and it is unique to your account. When an ad is clicked on, it has your identifying information and registers as a click in your account.

To find out more about adsense ads and to sign up for your own account, visit

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