How and Why to Blog

wordpress logoThis post is geared to beginners who might know what the word “blog” means, but not exactly sure why anyone would want to blog.

Blogging is nothing more than  writing about a subject or subjects that interests you and sharing it with other like-minded people.

The first question to ask yourself is:  Why Blog? Why to Blog?  or Who Blogs?  Below are a couple of examples and you will know immediately why people would enjoy blogging.


Hobby Blogging:

One example would be someone who liked fishing and was an expert in making his own lures.  He could start a fishing blog and maybe write a few blog entries two or three time a week,  just teaching new fisherman “the ropes” about fishing as well as instructions on how to make lures.

fishing lures

Fishing Lures

This fishing lure blog could offer handmade lures for sale, or even attach an Amazon store selling the very items he would be referring to in his blogs.  So fishermen could buy the items from his store and he would make a commission on them.

Political Blogging:

Another example would be someone who loved to scrapbook.  They could blog about scrapbooking in general and post progressive pictures of a big scrapbooking project they were doing, thereby giving ideas to other scrapbooking fans on how to complete the scrapbooking project themselves.  This blog might be for shear fun and camaraderie.

Someone else who considers themselves a politics junkie might start a blog about their favorite or least favorite politicians or policies.  That blog would attract other political fans.  There would probably be some heated discussions on a blog lke this as politics can bring out the best or the beast in all of us!  

I think you get the picture that a blog is an interactive website that allows the owner to post informational posts and also allows the readers to post feedback or questions.  The Huffington Post started as just another blog and now is worth millions.  Perez Hilton started out as a blogger and now is his own brand.  So one never knows which blog will rise above the others.

The best tip on how to blog successfully is to blog about what you know, blog about what you love and blog often.