Building Your Website – What We Need From You

List of Information We Need from You in order to Start Designing, Planning and Building Your Website:

First we will need to know why you want a website.  From this response, we will know what type of website to build.  Here are a few examples:

  • I need a website because I want to sell an eBook online.
  • I want a website because I want to blog about cooking and post recipes.
  • I have a successful business, but I need a website for, and local ads.
  • My website is old and I want a website that looks good on desktop, tablet and mobile phones.

Secondly, we need to know which package best describes what you are looking for.  The packages can be found by clicking on the navigation bar that is right underneath the header/title of this site.  The pages to the left are the “explainer pages” that talk more in depth about some of the terms mentioned in the packages.

Thirdly, we need the content for the website.  Most websites have the following 4 pages, so I will use them as examples:

  • Home Page – We will need a “welcome to our website” message, and anything you wish to appear specific to the front page, i.e., picture of you or your business, picture of your product, etc.
  • About Us Page – We will need written content describing you and/or your business, any pictures you wish to appear on this page, any emails you already have or want to have (,, etc.)
  • Services – List of services that your business offers and any prices you wish to have posted.
  • Contact us – There will be a contact form and we will need the phone number, business address, picture of the outside of your business, if applicable, and whether you want a Google maps inserted onto the page.

Any page in addition to the ones listed above, any content you wish to have put on the page will need to be submitted as well.  The content can be submitted in Microsoft Word or a text file from Notepad, which is on every computer.

If your company has a logo already, we will need the logo as well.

As discussed in other posts, any other information you have gathered from your own research will be helpful too.  For example:  competitors’ websites, components you want for your site, colors you like, anything you feel will be helpful in getting the exact look to the site that you want.


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