Building Your Website – How Does Payment Work?

payment optionsPayment for your website occurs in two steps:

Whichever website package you have chosen, 1/2 of the payment is due upon contact to build the website.


The Initial Payment – 1/2 of the amount contracted for:

The website design will be constructed first.  Once the website design is approved by you, the emails are setup, and the  functionality coding of the website is written and  installed and the final payment is made.

Final Payment is due when the website goes live:

Once the final payment is made, the website goes live, and the xml site map is registered with google, your business is registered with Yelp and and whatever other SEO comes with your package will be completed and put into place.

A safe copy of the website, graphics and any royalty-free photos purchased on your behalf are copied onto a DVD for safe keeping and turned over to you so your website is yours and 100 percent portable.  Should anything happen on your hosting service, your website can be re-installed from the backup DVD.


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